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The relaunch of Artists in Training...

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Hi friends,

Kathy King here. Nice to e-meet you! I am the executive director of Artists in Training, an in-studio dance workshop experience that brings top industry professionals to

your studio for a weekend of amazing classes, mindfulness workshops and a focus on reinvigorating your studio with lots of positive energy!

You have probably heard about in-studio conventions as a great alternative to the typical large-scale hotel convention or as an addition to your studio curriculum. AIT brings so much more than just amazing dance faculty to your studio. We bring MENTORS to guide your students through two days of intentional classes designed to empower your students to find their own voices as artists and learn the importance of building a supportive community. Simply put, we will help to strengthen the threads of your studio family.

As executive director, I'm thrilled to be working side-by-side with our founder, Robert Schultz, to lend support during this launch of our re-brand. Robert has been a huge influence in my own dance career and has helped shape my teaching philosophy, so

when asked if I would come on board to co-direct the relaunch of AIT, I did not hesitate! My role here is to oversee the company branding and marketing, plus serve as "community leader" at each of our AIT events. I love creating space for everyone to feel welcome and ready to be inspired! You will see me greeting students, welcoming our mentors to your space, making sure everything is coordinated easily between the studio owner and our staff, plus teaching the occasional contemporary class or journal session. When I'm not working at AIT, I spend my time as a dance educator, director of an annual summer dance festival, head coach to a collegiate dance team, and home cook extraordinaire!

I'm looking forward to this exciting journey with Artists in Training! Please feel free to reach out and introduce yourself if you'd like to learn more. You can reach me directly at

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