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What people are saying about AIT...

Workshop for dancers

“...unbelievable work with the students. This parent is very happy with your dedication and hard work!!"

— Ronnie R., California

Dance scholarships and awards

“Thank you Artists in Training for such a great weekend! Kings Dance Center loves you!”

— Stacey Souza, studio owner

Hanford, CA

Artists In Training was motivating, inspiring and a wonderful experience for all of my dancers. Robert Schultz and his crew displayed organization, compassion and professionalism.
All of the instructors were experienced and ridiculously talented!!  They were able to tap into each student individually, bringing out the dancer in each and every one of them.  

There is no doubt... it is an all around AMAZING experience!!!!

- Trish Thompson-Creamer, studio owner

Stoney Creek, Ontario

Jazz dance workshop

“Thanks for such an amazing experience! Had a lot of fun and learned a lot!"

— Rebecca M., Michigan

Professional choreographers at your studio

"AIT gives so much more than just dance instruction, they share their love, inspiration and energy with dancers and parents and encourage them to take it out into the world!"

— Katie Mann, Brighton, MI

 WOW!!! AIT has been a staple every year at MADPAC since 2004 and it just gets better and better each year!!!
My students walk away from this weekend every single year being not just stronger dancers (because the growth they obtain in just one weekend is unbelievable!)... But they become stronger human beings that have more confidence in themselves, more awareness and respect for each other, as well as their teachers and parents, because the POSITIVE messages that are instilled in just two short days will be something they carry with them FOREVER!!!

I cannot recommend a better workshop than AIT for your studio!!! We absolutely LOVE Artists in Training and will continue to have them back each and every year!

- Michelle Marzejon, studio owner

Brighton, Michigan

Host an AIT event at your studio this season, and experience the magic yourself!

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