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Meet Helen Estrella

Helen was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Much of her youth was spent in the rigors of competitive artistic and rhythmic gymnastics through which she found her love of dance.

Helen eventually moved to Los Angeles to dance with some of the industry’s top choreographers. She can be seen in print and commercial work for Sola Optical Lenses and 2000 Olympics, as well as danced for various contemporary companies while in LA.

In 2002 she found her way back to Sonoma County where she directed local competitive companies until the birth of her own, Estrella Dance Company. After a few yeas of directing her own company, Helen decided to follow one of her life long dreams and opened her studio: The Dance Room.

Helen is currently a faculty member of Artists In Training, Camp ME, Theater Arts Preparatory School, the Boulder Jazz Dance Workshop, Talent on Parade Dance Directive Convention, as well as judges for Talent on Parade and Imagine Dance Challenge. She is a nationally recognized instructor and choreographer who travels extensively teaching master classes and setting choreography on various dance companies. In 2010 Helen relocated to Colorado to be the Artistic and Company Director of various studios in the area. Helen is known for her cutting edge, contemporary style while focusing on the technical details of dance.

Between teaching at conventions, judging, owning her own studio, running competition companies, teaching and choreographing for studios around the nation, and being a parent herself... Helen has every aspect of the dance world under her belt.

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